Facials & Other Beauty Services

EyeBrow & Lash Tinting

Eyebrow/lash tinting is designed to enhance your facial features. Here at IL Paradiso we use Fortune, which is a safe and permanent eyelash/brow tinting product.


Make up application is available for any occasion with a choice between light to full coverage.  Products used: Bed Head make up professional. We also do temporary artificial lash application. (Lashes not supplied by Spa).


Il Paradiso aims to give the best in skincare with our customized facials for men and women. To maximize this treatment, we recommend a facial treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain healthy, stimulated, and radiant skin. Your personal beauty routine can be followed at home with daily home care products to continually increase the benefits of the facial. We have two separate skin care lines for you to choose from.

Product Line: Clayton Shagal: Clayton Shagal is a Canadian based manufacturer of skin care products headquartered in Quebec. The company began operating in 1982 with a single collagen gel product. With emphasis on simplicity and effectiveness, Clayton Shagal developed its fine product line with the intent of understanding the skin’s natural regenerating process. From one product, it has grown into a specialized skin care line that addresses the skin care needs of both younger and mature skin, men and women alike. Clayton Shagal is based on the three principal components of the skin : COLLAGEN, ELASTIN and WATER.

Rediscover Facial

A relaxing facial that consists of a light cleanse, a face, neck, and shoulder massage and a mask that suits your skin type.

Oxygenating Facial

This facial focuses on cleaning the skin of impurities. A mild peel is used to exfoliate and is followed by extractions. The Oxygenating facial is recommended for young skin, however it is good for all skin types.

Hydrating Facial

Recommended for dry skin types, this treatment is meant to ensure the skin stays hydrated. A firming serum is applied for maximum hydration, and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft.

Product Line: Naturalia Sintesi
Naturalia Sintesi is a top of the line product designed with extreme precision and attention to most modern biological science discoveries. The patent-active ingredients are redefined to penetrate deep into the skin to heal, stimulate and nourish while working with the body’s immune system. Naturalia uses advanced laboratory techniques that have been heavily researched by leading biotechnologists as well as professionals within the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The holistic approach is targeting not only the effects but also the causes of skin problems.

Specialty Treatment Facials (upon consultation)

Glycolic Acid 40%

This facial is a safe and effective way to exfoliate, reduce scarring, fine lines and regenerate your skin without any peeling or redness afterwards.


A facial specifically designed for sensitive skin, or skin with eczema, or couperose. It will calm and soothe any irritation, while decongesting and improving the appearance. Lifto This facial program contains active ingredients, DHEA & Hyaluronic acid which are formulated to give you a firm youthful look. Lifto can be peformed on all skin types and gradually revitalizes and shapes your face.

Rege-nature Contains a Kojic acid (derivative from rice) which helps to prevent and reduce skin that suffers from hyper pigmentation and hyper kertoios. The specific lightening treatment also promotes collagen and contains antioxidants to fight free radicals. This facial is great for anyone with pigmentation problems or thick, dull skin. Intraplan 20 Topical Botox” Intraplan 20 treats expression wrinkles (crow’s feet, forehead lines), smoothes the wrinkles by inhibiting the contraction of the expression muscles. PuFac This program fights acne from the dermal layer, where it cannot be seen, and cures what can be. PuFac builds the lipid barrier protecting the skin while reducing redness, inflammation, and balancing the linoleic acid in the skin. **For best results, Naturalia Sintesi Progettii (programs) recommends 4-8 treatments plus home care products to achieve maximum